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Every gamer wants to have a team with Ronaldo, Bale, Messi and so on, just because they rock so much. So what is the need of playing a game when you clearly know that you will never be able to buy great players? Nonetheless, we all know that the best players cost insane amounts and you will have to spend thousands of FUT 18 coins purchasing game packs to be able to afford a player like Ronaldo which is almost impossible for most gamers.

This is what prompted Mike Miranda to develop the FUT Millionaire software. Unlike other programs which do nothing other than swindle players, FUT Millionaire allows you to raise gold coins in the shortest time possible. It also has handy features like the auto bidder and the auto buyer which make finding and buying the best FIFA Ultimate Team players faster and easier. Get your glasses on as I will be taking you through every important aspect that you need to know about this gaming software!

What’s included in FUT Millionaire?

Mike Miranda provides multiple ways to earn FIFA coins in the 2018 FIFA Ultimate Team. Here is what you will get upon buying the FUT 18 Millionaire software:

  • Access to the FUT Autobidder/Autobuyer
  • Trading Lists
  • Automatically Updating Prices
  • Private Traders Area
  • 100k per day FUT Millionaire Method
  • Exclusive Video Tutorials
  • Monthly Coin Giveaways
  • Best Trading Method Guides
  • Step by Step Guides
  • 24/7 Email Support

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The FUT Millionaire Method

The trading Center provides step by step guide on how you can trade like a genius which includes instructions and information on when to buy or sell, lists and much more. You will also discover how to make rewarding and practical trades. The software will also introduce you to the 100k precious metal for per day method. It will help you understand the techniques and ideas used by pros to trade top rated and in form players. In short, the program makes Beating competition, winning big matches, boosting player rankings and earning FIFA Ultimate Team coins much easier and faster. It is simply a blend of the FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire method, the autobuyer/autobidder and several extras. It is organized and updated in a manner that it makes it very easy for anyone even beginners to start earning FIFA 18 coins from the first day. Here is what is in the Trading center section:

  • Introduction to FUT Millionaire
  • Why it is not worth opening packs
  • The FUT Millionaire Method
  • Buying Players-lesson
  • Selling Players-lesson
  • Scaling the Method to make Millions
  • FAQ
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Troubleshooting and Tips

The Autobuyer / Autobidder

Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is an auto bidding feature that allows traders to bid automatically on things which will certainly bring their profits to whole new level. Instead of sitting there doing nothing or crossing your fingers hoping that people will list cards cheaply for a low buy-it price, the autobidder allows you to target more cards and get them much cheaper too. The autobuyer on the other hand can be used to find underpriced players but with enhanced competition. The beauty of this software is that you don’t even need previous experience to use tithe blueprint is clearly laid out for you. Every tutorial uses concise images, explanations and videos.


FUT Autobidder Trading

Successful FUT Autobidding Trades

Screenshot of FUT Millionaire Settings

FUT Millionaire Settings Panel

The Price

Unlike the FUT 13 which used to be a one off payment, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $22.90 every month for you to use it. Once you pay the amount, you will get unlimited access to everything I mentioned at the beginning of this review plus any updates. But if you feel like you do not need the invaluable info anymore you can easily cancel your payment an anytime.

Even though this may seem a bit expensive, I think it is a much less price to pay compared to what you stand to gain. With the autobuyer and the FUT millionaire features, you can easily make 10 times that monthly fee by trading the FIFA 18 coins on eBay or any other related site.


If you want to legally and genuinely build a great team for FUT18 and be the envy of everybody, then you cannot afford not to become a member of this amazing software. The FUA 18 millionaire trading center allows users to take advantage of common players’ weaknesses and win almost every trade. It is the only FIFA gaming software in the market that blends autobidder and autobuyer modules lifting limitations in the way you trade.

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